Search Engine Popularity When You Buy Weed Online

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Source: Trek Marketing

The internet has a huge influence on everything we purchase and when you purchase weed online, there is no exception. While some marijuana connoisseurs know the market like the back of their hand, and they try and test almost every strain that comes to the market, there are others who just follow the group. Today most people wanting to order online for the first time, prefer an internet search to look for the most popular strains. For example, if they need a strain to calm hypertension or hyperactivity of mind, they will just go to Google and type “cannabis strains for hyperactivity”. Chances are they will choose one of the strains recommended on the first page of the Google results. 

Advantages of Choosing Cannabis Strains Based on Search Engine Popularity

When you are new to the cannabis world and don’t have a friend you can confide in, Google is your best secret keeper. You can find a plethora of information regarding every strain available in the market. You can visit the online dispensaries and read the complete product description and literature. This saves you from having to consult with someone to find out which strain is suitable for you. The product descriptions contain extensive details on who can use the strain, their benefits, side effects, etc. 

Another great advantage of choosing cannabis strains based on search engine popularity is that when you do what everyone’s doing, chances of going wrong is significantly reduced. You have the option to read customer reviews before you order online so you can learn from other’s mistakes and good experiences.

Disadvantages of Choosing Cannabis Strains Based on Search Engine Popularity

While we agree that the internet is a great place to find free information, it may not always be reliable. If you have a medical condition and hope to use marijuana to relieve the symptoms, a wrong selection based on online information can prove to be fatal. As a result, we would like to urge new users to always look for information on the high-quality authority sites. If you are taking marijuana for a medical condition, always consult with your doctor to ensure that it does not interact with your prescription medicines. 

What Are The Most Popular Cannabis Strains Based On Online Search

A research team took a list of marijuana strains and put them through a test based on online searches to find the top most popular strains. Here are the top three most searched strains on the internet:

  1. OG Kush stands first in the list and it’s no surprise that the strain has gained immense popularity since its release in the 1990s. It has won several awards and even finds mention in various rap songs. 
  2. Skunk comes second and this critter’s history dates back to 1980s when it was discovered in Amsterdam. Many of the new strains coming out these days find their origin back to this classic strain. 
  3. Girl Scout Cookies are a Durban Poison and OG Kush hybrid and over the years, it has developed a huge fan following. If you looking to buy weed online, this is one of the popular strains to come up in the search results. 

Some of the other popular strains worth a mention are White Widow, Northern lights, AK-47, Pineapple Express, Sour Diesel, and Purple Haze. 

Thus, we can safely conclude that search engine popularity definitely plays an important role in influencing customer choice. While there’s both a good and bad side to it, we hope customers will make the best use of the internet to make an informed choice and also buy weed online from trusted sources like WhitePalm.